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PSYC2390 Lecture Notes (Pre midterm 1).docx

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

PSYC2390Lecture Notes3 exams part mc 75 part short essay 25 midterms x230 final402 stages of figuring out how info from outside world gets in 1 transductionchanging energy from 1 form to another ie visionlight stimuluselectromagnetic radiation energy of vision based onlight electricity neurons send electric chargesbodyelectrical system neurons sending electrical charges from 1 to the otherie hearingsound stimulusmechanical energyenergy from molecules pushes up from one another until molecules go into ear bump ear drum reactionchain of events 2 interpretationmeaning caffeinenecker cube flips faster Phoneme restoration effecteven if stimulus is not complete receiver searches for ways to complete itnervous systemcommunication system from 1 part of body to other summarizes sends analyzes interprets neuronsbasic unit central nervous system and brain in mammals cell bodysmall in invertebrates neuronslarger in mammals small o dendrites o Axon sends info out to another neuron in humans can be close to up to a metre long can be long send info at different speedsNeural charge travels down axon speed depends on width of axon and the myelin sheath increases speed with myelin sheatho Myelin sheath grows from the top down and centre out in babies dont have myelin o Nodes of rauviero Terminal branches of axon hook up with a neuron or muscle or gland Multiple sclerosis MS information not getting from brain to legs myelin deteriorates most quickly in heart and lung message cant get from brain to heartlungs o Myelin on axonsimportant No loss in info and quick transfer of infoPresynaptic transmissionhow info is transferred inside a single neuronAtoms have a nucleus which has a proton positive charge and a neutron no charge neutral o Outer part has electrons negative charges Compoundmixture of different elements ie NaCl sodium chloridesalto When compound gets into solution ie water sometimes falls apart ie compound splits not evenly Na Cl Namissing an electron Clextra electron Charged particlesion electricitymovement of charged particles ions Extracellular fluid axon intracellular fluid experimentmembrane voltmetercomputer oscilloscope trace graph potassium amino acido Resting potential o Electricity travelling in neuronAction potentialelectrical charge that travels between neurons muscles or glands electrical pulse o Selective permeability changes for an instant o Stimulate electric charge ie electric shock heat pressureo Membraneselectively permeable lets some things in and blocks other things out After stimulation sodium Na goes into the neuron for about half a millisecond th12 of 1000 of a second millivolts go up to 40 mV gatesskin closes become impermeable to sodium sodium blockedThen potassium K goes outcauses membrane potential to go negative more than at start below 70 mV
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