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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Elena Choleris

Innate behaviours that are Species shown by almost all Common Behaviours individuals in a species or at least by age/gender Home Cage Test Measure number of turns on running wheel (via magnet) Place mouse in large barren box, see how far it moves (will often stay in corners and if moving, move along the sides  low Open Field Test activity scores and high bolus scores, will often stay a whisker’s Tests of Assessment of videos by length from the wall [Thigmotaxis]), once mouse realizes there is Activity and humans, automated video no predator, will roam around more frequently Maze like a plus but 2 arms have walls, the other two are bare, Anxiety Elevated Plus Maze tracking or laser beams mouse will stay in arms with walls but with antianxiety drugs, will spend more time in open arms There is a light compartment and a dark compartment, mouse Dark Light Test will spend more time in dark compartment (natural behaviour to hide) but with antianxiety drugs, will spend more time in light Dominant Individual: attacks and bites, moves sideways (to Aggressive and Defensive show size), dominance Intruder: upright defensive stance, arms up to push away, roll Behaviour over onto back and surrender (freezes), escapes behaviours (sex differences, Tests of Social strain differences) Behaviour Male Sexual Behaviour: number Female Sexual Behaviour: receptive behaviour (can only mate Sexual Behaviour of thrusts, ejaculations, when fertile), proceptive behaviour (encouraging male to mate), intromissions lordosis (position of female needed for male to enter) Social Recognition Mice are more likely to investigate a mouse they have not seen before than a mouse that they see regularly
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