PSYC 2450 Study Guide - Language Acquisition Device, Language Acquisition, Universal Grammar

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Chapter 11: development of language and communication skills. Language: a small number of individually meaningless symbols (sounds, letters, gestures) that can be combined according to agreed on rules to produce an infinite number of messages. Communicate: process by which one organism transmits information to and influences another. Vocables: unique patterns of sound that a prelinguistic infant uses to represent objects, actions or events. Psycholinguists: those who study the structure and development of children language: phonology: the sounds system of a language and the rules for combining these sounds to produce meaningful units of speech. Phonemes: the basic units of sound that are used in a spoken language: morphology: the rules governing the formation of meaningful words from sounds, semantics: the expressed meaning of words and sentences. Free morphemes: morphemes that can stand alone as a word (e. g. cat, go, yellow)

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