PSYC 2740 Study Guide - Final Guide: Balkanization, Acculturation, Personality Psychology

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Published on 17 Jun 2019
culture - a description of local within group similarities and between group differences
within groups similarities - how certain cultural groups are similar
between group differences - different traits between different cultures
cultural variations - local within group similarities and between group differences collectively
cultural personality psychology - discover principles underlying cultural diversity, discover how human
psychology shapes culture, discover how cultural understandings in turn shape our psychology
evoked culture - considers culture by focusing on phenomena that are triggered in different ways by
different environments
universal underlying mechanism - sweat glands possessed by all people
environmental differences in how mechanism is activated - differences in ambient temperature
high variance conditions - one key variable triggering communal food sharing- under high variable
conditions there are substantial benefits to sharing
egalitarianism - how much a particular group displays equal treatment of all individuals within that
impulsivity and early reproduction - harsh inconsistent childcare, erratically provided resources, marital
china - marriages lasting
marriages lasting - parents invest in kids, high value in virginity and chastity
sweden - divorces more common
divorces more common - children born outside marriage, low value in virginity and chastity
culture of honour - insults are viewed as highly offensive public challenges that must be met with direct
confrontation and physical aggression
southern USA - more likely to endorse violence and aggression in response to insults
transmitted culture - representations in at least one persons mind are transmitted to others
balkanization - social resegregation following a time of peaceful integration and social diversity
interdependence - how you are affiliated with, attached to or engaged in the larger group of which you
are a member
independence - how you differentiate yourself from the larger group
acculturation - the process of adapting to the ways of life of a new culture
holistic - a way of processing information that involves attention to relationships, contexts and links
between the focal objects and the field as a whole
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