Chapter 15 Summary

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Kieran O' Doherty

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Chapter 15Community Approaches Within Health PsychologyOverviewCommunity Health Psychology is an approach based upon promoting strategies for social change at the local level that can contribute to health and wellbeing While such approaches offer much potential for reducing health inequalities they can potentially distract attention from the broader structural causes of ill health History New Lanark in the eighteenth century came up with the term to describe an alternative form of group living apart from industrial societyA more communal style of living before conflictual and individualistic forms of living began rising Politics of Community Action Has been growth of various forms of community or local social action which aims to challenge social oppression at a local level The extent to which it actually is a challenge to wider political power depends upon its underlying assumptions Community action draws upon different political heritages Consumerist approach informed by contemporary neoliberal ideology Tends to underplay the importance of broader political forces eg issues of power deindustrialization and adopts a very idealistic view of community change which can lead to community victim blamingOrdered Community Approach harks back to some mythical past and is informed by neoconservative and even fascist ideasTries to rearrange social relationships and behaviours without consideration of the wider social contextSocially Just Community Approach Emphasizes the importance of promoting social equality and celebrating diversity This approach combines an awareness of and challenge to broader social injustices with local campaigns Community PsychologyConcern often around the evaluation of community based social interventions rather than wit attempts to challenge broader social injustices
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