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PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC3400 Final Exam Question 1Educational psychology research results are obvious Drawing on information from Gage 1991 Cooper Levin and Campbell 2009 and Chapter 1 in the textbook answer the following questions AWhat is meant by this statement 1 markResults of social and educational research are obviousThey could have been predicted without doing the researchAccording to the textbook this statement means that a lot of the time people will assume and see educational psychology as common sense For example when presented with a tactic a common response is that everybody knows that BProvide one example of a research finding that may seem obvious and discuss why it is not in fact obvious 2 marksWhen determining how a teacher should delegate turns for out loud reading the obvious answer could be to randomly assign students A study in the textbook showed however that having the students read in an order such as around the circle leads to better achievement as well as prevents students from being skipped Another study done showed that seeing research results in writing can make them appear as being obvious She showed students incorrect research data of obvious answers and students thought they were correct Or when given a choice between the obvious and correct answer students were more likely to choose the wrong oneSeeing research results in writing can make them seem obvious but in many cases they arent In the case study Taking Turns from the textbook oResearch shows that when doing a class reading where every student gets a turn going around in a circle proves to work better and have a higher achievement rate compared to picking students at random
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