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University of Guelph
Real Estate and Housing
REAL 1820
Douglas Adlam

Midterm #1 Notes Characteristics of Real Estate Real estate has many distinctive characteristics  Both a consumption good and investment good o Consumption good: provides service o Investment good: single largest investment for many families/businesses o House prices generally go up over time  Fixed Location: no two homes share a single location o Location – Specific goods/services – access to jobs, school quality, neighborhood, etc. o Implications: Real estate markets segmented and localized.  Heterogeneity: No two units are exactly the same. o Many reasons: Physical characteristics o Implications: High search costs/brokerage fees are generally 3%  Durable: Long life of real estate o Price of a building decreases over time to a certain point, and then begins to increase due to historical value.  Large Economic Unit o infrequent purchase; Access to capital markets and mortgages are usually required. o Implication: mortgage market condition influence housing prices.  Extensive Government Regulations: o E.g. zoning law, building codes o Implications: Government can affect real estate supply and demand Types of Real Estate Classification of Real Estate by Use Residential Type  Residential is defined by zoning bylaws  Definition of residential dwelling – must contain self contained set of rooms.  Must be used as residential premises, and contain bathroom/kitchen facilities  Must have a means of egress to the outside of the building  There are three sub-categories depending on density o Low density  Single family, semi-detached o Medium Density  Row housing, Town houses, Apartment (Low rise 1-4 stories, mid rise 5-9 stories o High Density Commercial Type Office Buildings  Class A: Excellent location, high quality tenants, competitive rents, professional management.  Class B: Good location and management; good tenants; very little functional obsolescence (little need for upkeep)  Class C: 15-25 years old but maintains steady occupancy. Retail  Enclosed Malls: A shopping centre enclosed within a large structure, having numerous stores/entertainment  Strip Malls Mixed-Use Building  Combine Office, retail and sometimes residential  Popular in core business areas. Two considerations, one long commuting and convenience Hotel:  1-5 Star Hotels  Motel: Located along highways, have orientation to outside (doors usually face interior hallways, but motels have exterior)  Bed and Breakfast: Short Term lodging Industrial Types Warehouse  Store goods and materials  Plants or Factories: Often custom built to meet demand or particular process or production line.  Large variations in building materials and structures. Hard to convert to another factory. Property Types classified by Tenure Ownership  You own the real estate Condominium  A form of housing tenure where you own a unit and share the common area with other owners.  Self governing: have
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