SOAN 2120 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: System On A Chip, Time Series, Cohort Study

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Mistakes in Research:
overgeneralization: when some evidence supports your belief but you falsely
assume that it applies to many other situations
selective observation: when you pay special attention to people and events
and nding research that supports your beliefs and ignore info that
contradicts it
premature closure: often reinforces the rst 2. getting lazy and slopping in
the work when you feel like you already have the answer = jumping to
halo eect: over generalizing from what we accept as being +ive and letting
that rub o on other areas
Steps in Research Process:
1. topic or area of study
2. narrow it down on a question to study
3. decide on practical details of research
4. after decision made, gather data
5. analyze data to try and nd patterns
6. interpret data
7. write a report to inform others on your conclusions
Basic Social Research:
satisfying judgements done by other sociologists
subjects and problems selected with freedom
research judged by norms and highest standards
main concern w/ logic and research design
goal is to contribute to basic theoretical knowledge
success = research in journal and impacts scientic community
Applied Social Research:
research is part of job and judged by sponsors not in soc.
problems due to demands of employers and sponsors
standards depend on use of results (can be lazy or thorough)
goal is to have payo or use for results
success = results used by sponsors
Evaluation Research: a way of nding out whether or not something like a
campaign is eective
Action Research: treats knowledge as a form of power and destroys the
dierence between creating and using knowledge to engage in political
Social Impact Assessment Research: estimating the likely consequences of a
planned intervention that will occur in the future
Time Dimension in Research:
cross sectional: small point in time and least costly and simple
longitudinal: features of people at more than one time can take time and
money + more powerful
time series: longitudinal research, focus on stability or change in subjects
panel study: powerful type of longitudinal, lots of time and money but very
cohort study: category of people w/ similar life experiences in a specic time
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