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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3120
Michelle Dumas

Review Midterm 1  You will have to know the properties of when to use a bar and pie charts  Understanding why there is an outlier  Know how to find the mean  Subtract the mean from each observation to get the variance  Recognize that skewness in a distributions moves the mean away from the median to toward the long tail  Know the basic properties of the standard deviation  it is always equal or greater than 0, increases as the spread increases from the mean  Know the properties of correlation  negative number the relationship is negative if it is positive it means the relationship is positive  Regression  you are looking at changes in y with x Questions: Suppose the average salary at a certain company was 100,000 and the median salary was 40,000  What do these figures tell you about the shape of the histogram of salaries at this company? o It is skewed to the right because the mean is different than the median, which drives the mean up and away from the data  Which measure of center is more appropriate? o The median What is the smallest standard deviation you can figure? And when would that happen?  0 when everything is exactly the same, can’t be negative because of the squaring  So the lowest it can be is 0 this only happens when there is no deviation (all observations have the exact same value Choose 4 numbers from one to five, with repetitions, to create the largest standard deviation?  1, 1, 5, 5, this has the largest std dev because these numbers are as far as possible from the mean (which is 3) Suppose a Normal distribution data set mean of 10 and st dev of 2  About what percent of the data should lie between 8 and 12? 68%  About what percent of the data should lie above 10? Half because that would be the halfway point which is the mean so 50% If a baby’s weight is at the median, what is their percentile?  Whatever percentile they are in it means tha
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