SOC 2070 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phyllis Chesler, Bipolar Disorder, Paroxetine

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9 Aug 2016
1. What are some cultural universals of what people find attractive?
· Physical good health is more attractive than illness
· Symmetry – balance of each side with the other, in equal proportion
· Availability, fertility & status
· Certain waist-to-hip ratios of women – 70% & men -90%
- Males: slightly above avrg height, broad forehead, prominent brow and cheek bones, large
jaw, strong chin, slightly above avrg musculate, waist that is 90% measurement of the hips
- Females: youth, large eyes, small nose, delicate jaw, small chin, full lips, firm/symmetrical
breasts, smooth unblemished skin, waist-hip ratio of 70%
2. What is James Randi’s contest? Who has won it?
· Contest consists of an application form that has 13 rules
o Most important one of the rules is that you have to say what you can do, under
what circumstances, with what accuracy
§ 80% of the people who apply can’t make that statement
o Must write 2 paragraphs & no more describing their ability
o Completing the form is the most difficult thing that these people have to do
· 80% or more of people who apply are dowsers or diviners – people who believe that they can
find water, gold, oil, lost jewelry, children, anything with a forked stick or a pendulum or some
sort of wire stretched out in front of them
· Most of the people, the vast majority of people who come to be tested for the million-dollar prize,
are innocent – self-deluded – not fakers
· No one has won the million dollar prize
Contest to prove the supernatural
3. What do deaf culture advocates claim or demand?
· People who call themselves “Deaf”, view/define deafness as a cultural identity rather than as a
disability for some purposes – they insist that their culture & separate identity must be nourished
& maintained
· Cochlear implants have the potential to ameliorate or eliminate ramifications of deafness, they
are opposed by Deaf culturists, who view efforts to “cure” deafness or ameliorate its effects as
an immoral means of killing Deaf culture
· Leaders of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) – Deaf people like being Deaf, want to be
Deaf & are proud of their Deafness
· Many members of the Deaf culture community strongly desire to have Deaf children, who will be
a part of their parents’ Deaf culture
· Insist that children who are deaf be raised in a Deaf cultural community denies these children the
right to choose for themselves whether to accept or reject the larger hearing world
· Deaf culture advocates are strongly opposed to research geared at “curing” deafness & are
particularly opposed to placing cochlear implants in children
· To many members of the Deaf cultural community, cochlear implants represent “the ultimate
denial of deafness, the ultimate refusal to let deaf children be Deaf”
· The hatred with which Deaf culturists view cochlear implants is expressed in the ASL sign for
cochlear implant, which contains a two-fingered stab to the back of the neck, indicating a
“vampire” in the cochlear
4. Why do we have unusual feelings about the handicapped (according to Katz)?
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· Most feel ambivalence toward the handicapped – compassion is mingled with the stigma
· Though we feel ambivalence toward them, our repugnance is based on a nonconscious faith in
the “just world hypothesis” – we believe that we all get what we deserve; is someone is
disabled, maybe they deserve their faith
· To deny the just world hypothesis opens up the possibility that we are vulnerable to the
possibility that we, too, could end up like the disabled
5. What is secondary deviance? Tertiary?
· Secondary deviance = deviant behaviour that results from being labeled as deviant by society
· Tertiary deviance = when people who are judged non-normative by the rest of society fight for
equal rights
o Challenge others to stand up for their rights
o The deviant are not challenging that they have the characteristic, they are
confronting society & denying that it deserves to give them stigma or any kind of
lesser status
6. What % of people are gay? What did Kinsey say?
· 10% rate of homosexuality
· Investigated sexual behaviour among men/women – first formal survey regarding sexual
· Created a sensation – face on cover of Times magazine
· Kinsey’s research team failed to draw a nationally representative sample
o Samples were huge, biased & skewed
o More likely to draw samples of people who were: middle class, less African
American, more homosexual – less true of the population at large
On the course link unit website he said that another study found 2.8% of men and
1.4% of women consider themselves gay -- not sure if this is what he was looking
for or not
7. What are the main perspectives used to study sex work?
· Essentialism – sees sexuality as real & something that exists in more/less standard form,
everywhere & for all time
· Constructionism - how sexuality itself is constructed
1. Clinical tradition
§ Freud/psychoanalysts
2. Social book keeping
§ Kinsey studies/ other surveys
3. Experimental method
§ Masters and johnsons
4. Descriptive/ethnographic/symbolic interactionist tradition
§ Anthropologists and participant observations
??? not sure if this is right
8. What are Wheeler’s factors for identifying sex acts?
· The degree of consent, one aspect of the how question
· The nature of the sexual object, the who & what question
· The nature of the sex act, another aspect of the how question
· The setting in which the sex act occurs, the where question
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9. What is de-institutionalization?
· Releasing the mentally ill into the community to receive care & treatment in aftercare facilities
· Well intended, but there was a failure to provide treatment for the needs of patients, resulting in 1
of the greatest disasters of the 20th/21st centuries
o America’s jails/prisons have become our new mental hospitals
10. What did I say might have caused Salem & Renaissance witchcrazes?
· The Catholic church conducted only a minority of the trials, but got blamed for it all
· Happened mainly in places & at times where there was reason to suspect that food poisoning
was a contributing cause – ergot rye fungus (source of LSD)
11. Give an example of cognitive deviance
· Shunning
· Telepathy
· Alien abductions
· Ghosts
· Psychics
· Near death experiences
Atheists were punished by execution in Classical Greece, Rome, the European
Middle Ages, and even in the Renaissance.
The Catholic Church executed heretics in Middle Ages, and threatened to burn
Galileo at the stake.
The Spanish Inquisition rooted out suspected false converts (conversos) from
Judaism & Islam.
Protestants and Catholics killed each other in the Wars of the Reformation.
Both Protestants and Catholics burned men & women as suspected witches in the
Peaceful religious groups such as the Ahmadi and Bahai, and all converts away
from Islam, face persecution in countries with Islamic law or Shariah.
In China today, members of the Falun Gong sect risk being punished with jail.
There are even cases in Canadian universities: Professor Yaqzan at University of
New Brunswick fired in 1993 for telling a student newspaper that sexual assault of
nonvirgins was not a serious crime. Male students who said something sexist have
sometimes been told to undergo “gender sensitization” or be expelled. Protestors also
have stopped guest speakers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Anne Coulter from speaking on
Scientist Peter Duesberg condemned for saying HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.
Canadian physicist Scott Starson thinks the pope works for him and is working on
antigravity--and won the right to refuse medication.
I got this from the courselink lecture slides in unit 10
12. How might women and men be treated differently for mental health?
· Women have greater tendencies toward mental disorder, mainly depression than men
· Women are more likely to see themselves as mentally ill or to receive treatment
· Women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men are 4 times more likely to succeed
· Males are significantly more likely to be admitted to mental hospitals
· Men are strikingly more likely to fall victim to antisocial personality disorders – schizophrenia
· Women are far more likely to suffer from mood disorders – depression
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find more resources at
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