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Final Exam Review Covering Everything

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SOC 2700
Scott Brandon

FINAL EXAM REVIEW FOR CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORYCriminological theory for midterm 1INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSElecture 1September 13 2011 1 What is criminological theory thinking and guides research linking one fact to the next cause and effect relationship why is there a linkage between a cause and a fact we want to link facts what are the outcomes of the facts and what are the input factors concepts is it sociological or biological theories are statements control theoryo internal mechanisms that reduce crimeo learn right and wrongo how do we learn2explain and predict most theories of crime do both can we predict who will do what based on these theories biological and psychological was to predict what are the ways to explain criminological behavior anomie theorybelieve that people want to get things that is the American dreamo what happens when people dont have the means to reach that goal3 the creation and evaluation of theory theories of crime either explain crime or attempt to predict crimeevidence helps to verify a theory theories of crime explain observations that have been witnessed people who you associate with influence crimedifferential association theory lack of powerconflict theoryalienation of workers what type of person is more likely to be a victim of crime o a nice home o people who are aloneo people with alarms on their houses a person is more likely be a victim if o they jut went to the banko elderlyo disabled times more likely to occuro night time robberies o night time sexual assault or rape need verification to make sure something actually happened criminal person 4 does criminological theory have a useit helps to explain why crime occurscrime prevention may also be a resultexample conflict theoryo higher rate of being victimized if a poorer childo life is not an equal playing fieldo class and raceo looks atprevention of crime and the high rates of victimization in certain classeso why men commit more crime then women pushes and pulls that bring people to do things exampledeterrence theoryo using example to make sure someone does not do the crime againo law makers are using this method5 criminological theories as explanationsspiritualo why are people so devianto believed that witchcraft evil Satano prophecies natural o universal rights and values o common lawo natural explanations for behavior o law applies to everyone scientifico tied to datao main part of the course o researcho facts and datao compare one theory to the nexto social scientific6 why theories cannot be provenissues of falsification why is something not provableo many factors that affect the resultso sometimes the laws of science dont hold up social science theories cannot be proven theories cannot be proven they can only be falsifiedo inconsistencieso they are provisional truthso nothing can work 100 of the timeo always subject to be revised THE HISTORICAL EMERGENCE OF CRIME EXPLANATION lecture 2Sept 20 2011 Three types of crime explanationsexternal forces nature cosmology and demonologyo beginning theorieso sources of criminological behavior o people have evil and cause them to commit crimeso satan and witchcrafto external forces that make people criminal such a demon o external things act upon the individual o cosmological explanations things like the stars full moons ecto Nature and climateforces of nature when humidity causes more crime when its hotter because they are high levels of tension more crime when its hot o Weather patterns o Solar or lunar eclipseso People think external forces cause crime something outside the person o Devil causes beyond ones control demological Evil forces and Satan Supernatural Possessedo Today such as Cults Evil eye Exorcism for problem children For alcoholics the devil is the booze internal causes ndo 2 point in historyo psychological differences in peoples biologyo DSM manualo Diagnosing people with ADHD because they are devianto Predict behavior based on the internal forces of an individualo Biologyo Diagnostic group associationo most of the course o sociologicalo looks at people in their societyo if you hang out with certain peopleo its strictly societys effect and social relations people form that lead to devianceo neighborhood and family structure singly momsmore crime in childthe objectives subjective debateobjective behavior is real
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