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University of Guelph
SOC 3730
Michelle Dumas

EXAM REVIEW 25 multiple choice (25 marks) 4 of 6 short answers—20 marks (5 marks each) 1 of 2 long answer—20 marks 5 MARKS ON PERSONAL OPINION 65 marks total THEME: Race and Gender Week 6: Defence  Legal defences (partial and full)—identify each  Cultural Defences (3) o Also gender differences in terms of cultural defences  Miranda Rights—why people waive them  Different legal aid programs and models by province  Bail decisions and outcomes (***) o Gender and Race o Studies  Pretrial detention o Reasons for it and outcomes o In terms of race and gender—differences Week 7: Trials and Evidence  Eyewitness Identification o Factors that affect ID (weapon, crime, witness, crime) o CRE and how it influences ID o Police identifications (field, live, photo ids)—differences and effectiveness  Eyewitness confidence o Shaw and Zerr Reading (2003) PG 322-328 GENERAL FINDINGS  Emotional witnesses—how gender can interpret this  Evidence procedure from the crown—order it is presented in  5 types of questions asked in court (differences)  Alibis o Person vs. Physical—how they are defined, characterized, how they are perceived (fake)  Robbery eyewitness accounts (Odinot et al, 2009)—general findings Week 9—Inclusiveness and Juries  Inclusiveness (Green: 52-68) o Gender, visible minorities, aboriginals, immigrants—how Greene explains these and their characterization o 4 demographic key trends  Decisions—principles of inclusiveness
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