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Police in Society Lecture Notes Pre Midterm

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SOC 3750
Michelle Dumas

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Police in Society Lecture NotesThemes o 1 Policing as Drama o Understanding drama of policing dramaturgy o GoffmanFront stageHow we present selves to worldPolice ID as police stance uniform etcBack stageCheck performanceRehearsePolice hide things from public try present public image o Identity We have an idea of what police look likeMajor issue is police are breaking law compared to othersPolice funerals staged production people care about what they wear where they stand etc It means we celebrate their lives what they do is important valued Reassures other officers that what they are doing is worth the risk they will be taken care of if they happen to be in the same position Contribution to society is not going unnoticed o Drug arrestRulesEvidenceGive public view so that people know that what they do is trueThey are doing their jobMessageo 2 As Risk Management o Theories o Ericson and HaggertyLooking at possibility of crime community policingIf they are on the streets taking active interest they are able to stop crime before it happensPredict and manage risk of crime than ever before especially since 911 Thursday January 10 2013Police in Society Lecture Notes Marx o Class analysis o Class structure policeWorking classRuling class o ConsensusFunctionalism consensus o Analogy o SocietyStructureFunction 1 Manifest intended what we see uphold lawLatent unintended not expected but still result of what has happened because crime has always existed then it must have some function provides people police judges lawyers etc jobs Positivenegative o Positive functional o Negative dysfunctional Functionalism Durkheim o LawsReflect values and norms of a societyAgreement of members of a consensus society certain behaviours should be prohibited should not be allowed to kill peopleBecause consensus laws should reflect values of people consensus is glue that keeps us together and functioning through that solidarity that we have social order o Mechanical solidarityPrimitiveSmall knit communities extreme dependence on one another if you break laws or rule it is extremely punitive o Organic solidarityModern societies complex societyRely on different and a lot of people and a lot of people can provide a lot of servicesSo when someone breaks a law it is not detrimental to society and laws are not as punitive o State is responsible for administering law upholding law Police are front lines in crime and criminal justiceCourts and correctionsWeber legitimacy o Legal authority legal domination we essentially obey that authorityThrough appointmentGot a job that provides that authorityThrough proceduresCertain things that must be done to make things legal when arresting must read Miranda rights etcRule of lawDid the police do the things that they have to Upheld in court usually case dismissed getting off on a technicalityJusticeJustice is done in a way that is legitimateJustice is we arrestcharge those who we believe are guilty try not to convict people that are innocentWeber legitimacy o 1 Rationality and valuesBased on bureaucracy Based on social contract o 2 Consistency in systemRule of law is being applied consistently in all cases o 3 Authority subjectYou know who they are based on what they drive what they wear o 4 Obey authorityBased on legitimacy validity 2
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