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Study Notes for Final This study note contains ALL MATERIALS taught in the course. Includes all equations and when to use them, diagrams included. It's structured like a go-to sheet for doing practicing exams.

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Stefan Idziak

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MOIONSIMPLEHARMONIC equi rzslonng pro7ofiranal ttdtslancelhbnumftvte xr frtrn A6ostwt Atu vt Vro Awtwtsrn oruax at KLLAw tNz r alclev ime 4 lcr 1 2nf angutat IN fltquenull Vevrod n4icyclts trhil jf lwe plr Ton sPKtNqENEKCYMAssrncnnwuw rrvP consew ahn cf PpP C0JhSt0nnrtftqeneqtdnM 6fcant n4rlyrg ffipEggkArnv LVTNWAVEJPENDU var1 o v rs chanqedit 1 f 21l T rliYsr orcillaorbVdepetds an w PYawvlltsaTvLEOUNDSTKINq20 20 ooo plfchHt tL v alL LfII vlmlL v vlltsattd trquid PnlJ nvevftdreflechovi tP rrLrrt frxed lvINTENSIrySTANDIN WAVB nApaE vl IP cohstntcttve lr A4nr4f A1 fn oestvuctrve lyw xlAtL av I rn1Ttt Io t Aca7an w STKINGTI vn2 nin Jnf addcannol I vl 1a Istataqduhr nodes stan ee bl clrantinodejn nv hdYYncntc add 16 d twrce as CO I AIR toud LUMNSodd iSiIkfl
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