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STAT 245
William Laverty

Review Questions 3for Final ExamSolutions1Peripheral neuropathy is a complication of uncontrolled diabetes The number of cases of peripheral neuropathy among a control group of 350 diabetic patients was 122 Among a group of 115 patients who were taking an oral agent to prevent hyperglycemia there were 35 cases of peripheral neuropathy Is the proportion of patients with peripheral neuropathy comparable in both groups Perform the test at a00512203486pSolution For the control group 13503503043pFor the group taking an oral agent 2115ppxx1212where03376zpnn1211The test statistic is 1ppnn12We will reject H ppin favour of H pp 012 A12if zz 1960 or zz 196000250025034860304300442 087z0050811 Hence H is accepted003376103376350115Construct 95 confidence intervals for the proportion of patients with peripheral neuropathy in the medication group and the proportion of patients in the control group 1ppSolution 95 confidence limits for a proportion 1960pn03486103486For the control groupor 0299 to 039803486196035003043103043For the medicated groupor 0220 to 0388030431960115Construct a 95 and a 99 confidence intervals for difference in the proportion of patients with peripheral neuropathy between the medicated group and the control groupSolution 1a confidence limits for a difference in proportions 11pppp1122ppz122ann12034861034860304310304395 limits 03486030431960 or 0054 to 0142350115034861034860304310304399 limits 03486030432576or0084 to 0173350115Page 1
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