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AFM131 Study Guide - Final Guide: Job Rotation, Management Development, Performance AppraisalPremium

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Accounting & Financial Management
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Chap 12 notes: module 11
Five steps in HRM are
o HR inventory: age, name, education, training, specialty.
Reveals if labor force is technically up to date
o Job analysis: through job description (objective of job, what
is to be done) and job specification (what they require in a
worker, min qualifications)
o Future HR demand: train ppl ahead of time due to drastic
change in tech
o Future HR supply:
o Strategic plan: recruiting, selecting, training, developing etc
Five steps in selecting employees:
o Obtain complete application forms: to know educational
background, other qualifications etc
o Initial and follow-up interview:
o Employment tests: to measure basic competency in specific
job skills
o Background investigations: about a candidate’s work record,
school record, credit history
o Trial periods: providing a probationary period, to decide
whether to hire or employ full time
Management development (to become good managers) training
o On the job coaching: senior manager assists a lower level
o Understudy positions: working as assistants
o Job rotation: to learn about different functions of the
o Off the job courses: classes or seminars off-site
6 steps in performance appraisal:
o Establishing performance targets:
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