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University of Waterloo
BIOL 165
Kirsten Muller

Eukaryotic AlgaeKingdom ProtoctistaEukayotic Algae are members of the Kingdom ProtoctistaCyanobacteria bluegreen algae are prokaryotic bacteria in Domain BacteriaCHLOROPLAST aka plastid the chlorophyll containing organelle originate from endosymbiotic cell of a prokaryotic Cyanobacteria0Phyla of algae acquired their chloroplast by capturing red alga 2 event 4 or 3 membranes or chromistian alga tertiary capture event 4 membranesPhotoautotrophs fix carbon by photosynthesis The biosynthetic process that use CHLOROPHYLL and accessory pigments to convert solar energy to chemical energyAlgae are polyphyleticThe host cells for chloroplasts belong to different supergroups of protoctistiansLife cycles varies and may include both asexual and sexual phasesSupergroupPhylaTraitsExamplePlantae RhodophytaGlaucophytaChlorophytaAlso called Green Charophytes another algae group of green algae8000 spchloroplast source needs revision stillprimary capture mainly found in fresh watercholoplasts enclosed by double membranes shared trait with Glaucophyta and Rhodophyta thylakoid occur in stacks of 26 chlorophylls ab not masked by accessory pigmentsstarch is primary storage productExcavata Euglenozoa ChromalveolataDinoflagellata Chloroplast source secondaytertiary capture 3 membranes around plastidStarch is primary storage productTRICHOCYSTS on cell surface organelles that explosively discharge threads when stimulatedTwo flagella are present one in the middle so it can spin on axis and another flagellum for steeringBacillariophytaChrysophytaAlso called Golden Morphologically brown Algaediverse1000 spEukaryoticSynuraClassification needs revisionChloroplast source colonial secondary capture 3 commonly found in membranes around water column of lakes plastidand pondshas pigment fishy smellingchlorophyll accarotenoids
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