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BIOL 273
Vivian Dayeh

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Biol 273 Winter 2013 Biol 273 – Unit 1 Review Word Roots for Physiology: anti- against extra- outside lumen inside of a hollow structure -ase enzyme epi- over para- near, close auto- self homo- same poly- many bi- two hydro- water post- after -crine a secretion hyper- above, excess pre- before de- without, lacking hypo- beneath, not enough pro- before endo- inside, within inter- between retro- backward or behind exo- outside intra- within trans- through, across Physiology: What are the organ systems of the body? What is the function of each organ system What are the main themes in physiology? What is homeostasis? What are control systems for homeostasis? What are Cannon’s postulates? Tissues: What are the primary tissue types? Describe the structure and function of the following types of junctions, and where
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