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BIOL 273
Vivian Dayeh

Biol 273 Winter 2013 Biol 273 – Unit 2 Study Questions Nervous System: What do we mean by central and peripheral nervous systems? How can the peripheral nervous system be further subdivided? What are the effector organs of these subdivisions? Describe or sketch a generalized structure of a ‘model’ neuron. What are the functions of each part? Give examples of types of neurons grouped by a) structure and b) function. What are glial cells? What are two types of glial cells in the PNS and four types in the CNS? In the context of the nervous system, what is a ganglion and what is a nerve? What do the terms nuclei and tract mean? Resting Membrane Potential / Graded Potentials: List the main chemical players that contribute to the electrical makeup of our bodies. In which fluid compartments are they typically more concentrated? Define and describe resting membrane potentials. What is/are the main factor(s) determining the resting membrane potential? Distinguish between the terms depolarization, hyperpolarization and repolarization. What is an equilibrium potential? What equation predicts the equilibrium potential for a given ion? What equation better predicts the membrane potential when multiple ions are involved? What do we mean when we say a membrane is selectively permeable? How does a cell change its ion permeability? How are ion channels classified? List three types of voltage-gated ion channels discussed so far in this course, along with where they are expressed, and what they do. Distinguish between graded potential and action potentials. What initiates a graded potential? Why are they called ‘graded’? What causes graded potentials to lose strength as they move through the cytoplasm? What is the functional significance of a trigger zone? What is the diffe
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