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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

1 The human gametes have about 3 billion bp of DNA in their chromosomes a Express the size of the diploid genome in kb kilo bases 1kb1000bp b If the entire DNA was in relaxed BDNA form what would be the average length of a chromosome expressed in cmc On average how many complete turns would be in each chromosome d If there are around 3040000 genes in a human gamete how many genes are there in an average chromosome2 Define homologous chromosomes3 Define nonhomologous chromosomes4 How many homologous chromosomes are there in a germ cell of a woman Of a man5 Distinguish between homologous chromosomes and sister chromatides6 What is the purpose of cell division in Prokaryotes In Eukaryotes7 Distinguish between DNA replication and cell division8 Distinguish between reasonpurpose forof mitosis and reasonpurpose forof meiosis9 How is variability of genetic information attained by meiosis and fertilization10 What is a cell cycle What are the stages of cell cycle11 List and briefly describe the checkpoints in cell cycle What is their purpose 12 What can trigger arrest during the cell cycle13 How many chromosomes are there in a somatic cell of a person with Down syndrome trisomy of chromosome 21a How man
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