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In c1600-1400, the mycenaean kingdoms first started to build large palaces and flourished in greek until c 1150 bc(late bronze age) Athena, a female but martial goddess, could pose a threat to her father, but she is instead born from his head and becomes an ally. It is only as a punishment for the transgressions of prometheus that zeus orders. Zeus, a weather god and a storm god. Zeus enters the room as a shower of gold and sleeps with danae, the daughter of the king of argos acrisius. Zeus disguises himself as a bull and takes europa across the sea from asia th crete. The entire site was presided over by the sanctuary of kronos, zeus" father. Nike, a mior goddess of victory personalized,held a winged victory in one of his hands. Apollo, presented as a beardless youth with an extremely athletic body. A large religious site, where artemis and leto were also worshipped.

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