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Classical Studies
CLAS 202
Daniel Hutter

IMPERIAL LITERATURE Augustan Writers GOLDEN AGECovers the reigns of Augustus TiberiusCaligulaLivyFrom Northern ItalyGreatest prose writer in RomeThe truth of his stories is questionableWrote the history of RomeVirgilFrom northern Italy poetRecognized as 2 to HomerEcologues pastoral poetryideal country people vs ugly city dwellers o Poetry about the good old daysGeorgics farming poetrycontrast gaudy life of city dwellers vs the simple life o Poetry about farminghow to be a good farmerAeneidfrom the fall of Troy to the rise of Augustus o Theme Romes fatedestinyHoraceWrote lyric poetryOdeslight poetry on life love money virtue win and beauty carpe diemEpodesbitter pessimistic poemsBipolar writer wrote about happy and sadSatiresmakes fun of life in Rome o ONLY ORIGINAL literary form that Rome inventedEpistlessermons on morals religion and philosophyArt of Poetryprinciples for writing poetry and tragedyPropertiusWriter of elegy his joys and painsAffair with CynthiaPoetry is a game for intellectualsGoes off into tangents of obscure Greek myths 1OvidPopular most sensual and sophisticated of elegist poetsArt of Lovepornographic handbook that explains all the known aspects of the heterosexual experienceMetamorphoses250 stories of Greek and creation myths some were pornographicFastichief religious festivals of RomeExiled to Black Sea bc Augustus believed he was teaching adulteryhow to be immoralTHE SILVER AGE OF IMPERIAL LITERATURECovers the reigns of Claudius and NeroPetroniusarbitrator of social graces at Neros court one of Neros drinking buddiesSatyriconparody the morals of the time o Ex 3 young freedman that tour the tavernsbrothels of southern Italian port towns o Ex Trimalchios dinner based on the Golden House of Nero o Make fun of people outside of Rome that represent people in Rome that youre trying to make fun ofSenecaNeros mentorStoic philosopherWrote Natural QuestionsHis writings was a moral guidance for lifeLucanSenecas nephewEpic poetPharsalliawrote on the Civil WarForced to commit suicide by Nero following the Conspiracy of PisoMartialSpanish poet and satiristSpectaclesattacked the shams and vices of people from all walks of lifeEpigramssharp and indecent short poems made fun of peopleGood commentary on daily life2
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