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COMM 101
Celine Mondry

BUSINESS 111 FALL 2012 FINAL EXAM REVIEW GUIDE TH Final Exam Date: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8 , 2012 Exam Time: WLU Students 12 NOON TO 2:30 p.m. UW Students 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Locations: Important Notice: If a student cannot write a business final exam as scheduled, they must submit a "Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations" form to Ms Lee Leeman, Student and Petitions Coordinator, SBE1256. Supporting documentation will be required and verified. This permits equitable treatment for all students taking SBE courses. If appropriate circumstances are presented with appeals, students will be accommodated in the next exam session. Exam Format: 27 Multiple Choice questions = 1 mark each 5 Short Answer questions, 2 to 6 marks each = 17.5 marks 11 Quantitative problems, 2 to 5.5 marks each = 42.5 marks 87 marks total *Note: Sample Formulae Sheet that will be provided on the exam is posted on the course website TOPICS TO BE COVERED (Items listed in red indicate quantitative problems): Economic Factors (multiple choice and quantitative problems) - four pillars of Canadian financial system – description, roles/functions - changes in banking industry - Bank of Canada - description, tools for affecting money supply - bonds – characteristics (return, term, priority over stockholders), types, features, factors affecting price, calculating approximate yield to maturity, relationship between prevailing interest rates and bond prices, reading bond quotations - common stocks and preferred stocks – characteristics (return/dividends, term, priority in bankruptcy situations, voting rights), features, factors affecting price, reading stock quotations - leverage – concept, rewards and risks - market conditions – bull and bear – appropriate investing strategies - margin buying – concept, rules, when it makes sense, potential losses and gains, calculation of margin call and margin transaction - short selling – concept, rules, when it makes sense, potential losses and gains, calculation of short selling transaction - Time Value of Money – application of appropriate formulae to problems, calculation of Future Value and Present Value of single amounts, ordinary annuities, annuities due, and payment amounts as per problems in lecture and in lab manual - calculation of appropriate interest rate for scenarios where payment intervals a
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