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Final Review Package Great review package for you to prepare yourself for the CS100 final.

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 100
Frank Tompa

Review Package Fall 2009 OverviewThis review package was created by the tutors of CS 100 It is based on all the course material some of which may have been used in previous assignments Make sure to study the material before you start on this package Also be sure to note that this package is not intended to be a sample or practice exam but to supplement your own studying We strongly encourage you to try to complete this package without any outside help Excel Review Explain the function of VLOOKUP and its four parameters VLOOKUPPARAMETERS 1 234Spreadsheets Exercise Mr Anderson wants you to create a spreadsheet so that he can track his students performance throughout the semester Look at the Review Worksheet spreadsheet at the end of this question You are given 1 First Year Microeconomics A table containing students marks for a midterm and final test 2 Class Components A table containing total marks available and weights for each class component Complete the following chart using the information provided here Remember to use flexible formulas and name where appropriate 1 Top Mark compute the value of the greatest mark final mark 2 Average Mark compute the average final mark of the class Format the cells within the Grade Calculations Table appropriately 1 Midterm Test return the students weighted marks 2 Final Test return the students weighted marks 3 Final Mark the final mark is the total of the midterm and final test 4 Awards determine what monetary award the student earned if any Awards go to the top three students 5 Course Credit return yes if the student passed the course and no if the student failed the course A pass is considered a mark of 50 or greater in the course 6 Averages return the class average for all course components 7 PartyCount the number of final marks that are greater than or equal to 90 If there are 5 students who have a mark greater than or equal to 90 return PARTY if not return Study More 2
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