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Computer Science
CS 137
Andrew Morton

Midterm Review Section 1: Simple Programs, Functions and Header Files 1. Write a program that prints Hello World 2. Write a function that takes in an int h and an int i and prints h x i = hi where hi is h multiplied by i 3. What is each of the following header files/library used for? a. stdio.h; b. math.h; c. assert.h 4. To do at home: Write a function that takes in 3 triangles side lengths from a right triangle and prints out the 3 angles. What libraries will you use? 5. To do at home: Re-do your quizzes and make your own quiz in a similar style and complete that one too Section 2: Working with Arrays 1. Given 3 arrays of the same size a,b, and c. Place the absolute value of a[i] - b[i] in c[i] where i = 0…n where n is the size of the arrays. 2. To do at home: Write a program that multiplies each element of an array by a given integer 3. To do at home: Go over A4 and all the array questions. Section 3: Algorithms You May Need To Know 1. GCD Algorithm 2. Bisection Algorithm 3. To do at Home: Horner's Method 4. To go over your assignment: Finding Primes Section 4: Tricky Stuff 1. Write a program that converts a binary number (given in array form) to base 10 2. To do
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