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ECON382 Study Guide - Unemployment Benefits, 5 A Day

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Chapter 9: Unemployment and Its Natural Rate
1. Introduction:
2. Identifying Unemployment
How Unemployment is Measured
Table 9.1 : The Labour-market Experiences of Various
Demographic Groups
Canadian and Regional Unemployment Rates 1966-2009
3. Case Study: Labour Force participation of men and Women In
The Canadian Economy
Does the Unemployment rate measure What We Want It
How Long Are The Unemployed Without Work
Why Are There Always Some People Unemployed
A Tale of Two Recessions
Natural rate of Unemployment
4. Job Search – Why Some Frictional Unemployment Is Inevitable
Public Policy An Job Search
Employment Insurance
5. Minimum Wage Laws
6. Unions And Collective Bargaining
Who Earns The Minimum Wage
The Economics of Unions
7. The Theory of Efficiency Wages
Worker Health
Worker Turnover Worker Effort
Worker Quality
8. Case Study: Henry Ford and The Very generous $5- A Day
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