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Environment and Business    
Scott Freiburger

ENBUS 202 - Environmental Management Systems Midterm Notes Professor: Scott Freiburger University of Waterloo Life Cycle Approach  Cradle to Grave - All aspects of product are considered but not recovered = waste  Cradle to Cradle - All aspects of product recovered for reuse = zero waste Prevention vs. Inspection/Detection Prevention - Taking measures to ensure pollution doesn't happen or is taken care of Detection - finding out pollution is occurring and stopping it Correction - cleaning up the pollution caused How do you define sustainability?  Living our lives in a way that does not impair future generations to live in a way as equally or better of than we are now. Triple Bottom Line / People Planet Profit / Three-Legged Stool The Natural Step  International organization promoting sustainability o Dr. Karl-Henrik developed framework with many scientists Funnel Metaphor o The consequence of living beyond the planets means:  Ecosystems are being run down  Resources are disappearing Waste in accumulating in air, land, water  o Declining resources + Increasing demand is creating a funnel that will eventually close and then the world will end 4 System Conditions for Sustainability o Substances from the earths crust must not systematically increase in nature (Keep it in the crust) --> Accumulation of lead in the atmosphere o Substances produced by society must not systematically increase in nature (Don't make nasty stuff) --> PCBs, BPA, chlorinated solvents o Physical basis for productivity of nature must not be systematically deteriorated (Don't pave paradise) --> clear cutting, habitat destruction o In society, people are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs (Be thrifty and fair) --> Health & safety, food, shelter ABCD o Awareness  Developing a common sense of purpose o Baseline Analysis  Look at where you are today o Compelling Vision  What is your description of success? o Down to Action  Backcast from your compelling vision to where you are today  Lay out the stepping stones (action items) to bridge the gap (how are you going to get there?) Technical vs. Management Standards  TECHNICAL o Performance  Standard = hurdle / level o Physical o Tolerances o Laboratory certificate  MANAGEMENT o Conformity o Management o Practices o Management Audit ISO 9001 & 14001 in Brief  9001 helps to implement quality management  14001 help to implement environmental management Other o 26000 --> Corporate Social Responsibility Certification & Registration  An independent, external body has audited the management system and verified it conforms to the specified standard  ISO does not carry out certifications Accreditation  Is like certification of the certification body  Certificates issued by accredited certification bodies - and known as accredited certificates may be perceived as having increased credibility. Certification is NOT a requirement of ISO 9001 or 14001  Organization can benefit from the ISO systems without being certified.  They can implement them for the internal benefits without spending money on certification Certification is a business decision  It may be contractual, regulatory or market requirement  If it meets customer requirements  Part of a risk management program  It may motivate staff by setting a clear goal Why pursue registration?  Brings value to a business o Critical question for companies considering implementing an EMS o Registration adds ongoing cost External Drivers  Customer requirements  Environmental stakeholders  Competitive pressures  Regulatory drivers Internal Drivers  Demonstrate due diligence toward environmental risk  Establish and maintain leadership position in the industry or company  Asses and improve environmental performance  Maintain public image Plan Do Check Act (continual Improvement)  PLAN o Environmental Policy o Planning  Set requirements/goals  DO o Implementation and Organization  Development/training/documentation  CHECK o Verification  Performance measurement and root-cause /corrective action  ACT o Management Review  Periodical review progress and reevaluated strategy --> continual improvement Elements of ISO 14001 1. Environmental Policy 2. Legal and other requirements 3. Environmental Aspects/ Impacts 4. Objectives and Targets 5. Environmental Programs 6. Structure and Responsibilities 7. Training 8. Communication 9. Documentation 10. Document Controls 11. Operation Controls 12. Emergency Planning and Response 13. Monitoring and Measurement 14. Corrective/Preventative Action 15. Records 16. EMS Audits 17. Management Review ISO 14001 IS:  A structure for managing significant environmental aspects over which a company can be expected to have control  Designed to be used by any company of any size in any place  Developed through consensus process IS NOT:  A performance standard  A standard that requires disclosure of performance levels  A standard that requires specific performance levels 4.2  Environmental Policy o Must be appropriate to the nature, scale and impacts of activities 4.3.1  Aspect - element of organization that interacts with the environment  Impact - any change to the environment (adverse or beneficial) resulting from a organizations aspects Impacts, Aspects and Significance  Must establish a method for determining significance  Prepare procedures for management, monitoring & measuring the significant aspects  Ensure relevant personnel are aware of significant aspects, their operational controls and their potential environmental aspects Role of Aspects in the EMS  Significant aspects drive the EMS  EMS is designed to identify, control, manage, improve upon significant aspects  Compliance with Legal and Other Requirements is a part of the system that does relate to aspects  Elements such as operational control (procedures and work instructions)
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