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HIST106 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Battle Of Paardeberg, Militarism

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Geoff Hayes
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The Boer War 09/17/2013
Canada in 1901
Population: 5.3 million
2 million in Ontario
1.7 million in Quebec
178,000 in British Columbia
1871: 91% of Canadians are either English or French
Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Elected in 1896 – 1911
First French-Canadian Minister
Most apparent in BC
Imported British institutions
Do not like Catholics or French Canadians
Laurier’s Dilemma: 1897
Diamond jubilee : Victoria on the throne for 60 years
Knighted Laurier
Sun never sets on British empire
So many colonies
British vs. Boer people
Over Slavery
British ultimatum rejected over insistence that the Boers give rights to non-residents
Canadian Public opinion?
Pro War: Ontario, Western Ontario, IODE,
See it as a challenge to British empire
Anti-War: French Canadian – identified with Boers
October 31, 1899
Laurier says they will dispatch no more than 1000 people – not a precedent, won’t always answer
the call
Bourassa resigns his seat
Unprofessional & “volunteerish” officers
Won’t go to war without coalition?
Arrival in South Africa
Black Week: arrival of Canadians
Mafeking, Kimberly, Ladysmith under siege
Embarrassing to Britain
Precedent Set when Canada sends two more contingents (8000 troops total)
Australian response: sent about 16,000 troops
Paardeberg, February 1900
Way to end war is to take capital
18 Feb, 1900: Bloody Sunday
21 Canadians killed
63 wounded
Canada’s worst day in the Boer war
10 day siege follows
February 27: Majuba Day
Anniversary of first Anglo-Boer war: British defeated
Most people dying of disease
Bad logistics
Battle of Paardeberg
6 companies go in : 2:00 am: attempt sneak attack, Boer’s hear them and take fire. 4 companies
retreat, but 2 didn’t hear the order to withdraw. Appears that there are more British than
originally thought. Boer’s surrender.
Reach Boer capital by June
No one realizes war is over, including the Boer’s
Gorilla warfare: drives British crazy
Boer’s becomes represented by dishonesty
British fight with counter-insurgency : fight nasty
Burn down homes & farms
Canadians tried to stop it
Pop culture reference ?

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