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KIN 205 Muscle Physiology Exam notes

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KIN 205
Joe Quadrilatero

Kin 205 final reviewWhy does high frequency fatigue occur cant generate action potentials or membrane potential decreases recovers quickly after the exercise What is the cause of low frequency fatigue reduced calcium if calcium drops a small amount force drops a lot long lasting fatigue What can overcome both LFF and HFF caffeine Is nonmetabolic or metabolic fatigue more destructive and why nonmetabolic because its permanently damaged the muscle tissue Its caused by Ofree radicals 2 eccentric contraction proteolytic enzymes List the canges in twitch with respect to fatigue less force decrease in max force development increase in contraction and relaxation time When and how does post titanic potentiation occurs at low frequencies and FT fibres because of MLCK phosphorylation of LC2 Why doesnt potentiation occur in type I fibres MLCP is so fast How much can ATP demand increase from rest 200X How long will our ATP reserve last 23 sec What is the power and capacity of the HEPT system high power low capacity What is capacity and power dependant on enzymes and substrate respectively What are some features of the Adenylate Kinase reaction keeps ADP levels low andAMP levels to start glycolysis and ETCWhy is the AMP deaminase reaction so important prevents ADP buildupbuffers pHmakes ammonium which stimulates glycolysisduring injuries IMP is used as a fuel source to keep limbsappendages living till they can be reattached What organ doesnt have the AMP deaminase reaction the heart which is why heart attack patients need to reperfuse heart quicklybefore it starves what is glycogen attached to cytoplasm and actin what is glycolysiss power and capacity what limits it medhigh power and med capacity Limited by substrates and lactic acid
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