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Midterm Review Guide 03Feb2014.pdf

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Peter Hall
Study Guide

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Midterm Review Guide
The following is intended to help you review the course material. The study questions provide
examples only, not an exhaustive list of everything you may be tested on.
Chapter 1 & 5: Introduction; Theories & Methods
What is ageism?
What is a theory?
Several research methods and designs were examined in both the text and lecture. Can you describe
each and explain when and how they are used?
What are some of the challenges to recruiting older adults as research subjects?
What are some of the challenges to conducting research in long-term care facilities?
What is chronological age? Functional age?
What is ageism and how is it manifested?
Who is responsible for combating ageism?
What are their major theories of aging and their components?
Chapter 3 and 4: Population and Individual Aging in Canada
What is a dependency ratio? What types of dependency ratio are there?
How is Canada’s dependency ratio expected to change in the future?
How does Canada’s aging population compare with other countries (both industrialized and
What are the major demographic trends in Canada’s population?
How do these trends vary by province/rural/urban area?
What factors contributed to the post war baby boom and, later, the baby bust?
What is the epidemiological transition?
What is apocalyptic demography?
What is the gender makeup of Canada’s minority seniors
What proportion of the population do minority seniors represent. How does this change across the
What do we know about the financial health and well-being of Canada’s minority seniors? How do
they compare with native born Canadians?
What do we know about the health, well-being and living environments of Canada’s aboriginal
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