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All Need-to-know Definitions for Midterm!

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MATH 135
Mike Eden

List of All DefinitionsOctober1611130 PMProofA convincing argument communicated in the language of mathematicsStatement A sentence which is either true or false eg224 TrueImplicationsIf A is true then B is trueA implies BHypothesisThe section of the statement where you assume true is it free informationConclusionThe section of the statement that uses the assumption in the hypothesis to show that a statement is trueTruth TablesTable that define or evaluate logical expressionsCompound StatementA statement composed of one or more component statements Logically equivalentTwo compound statements are logically equivalent if they have the same truth values for all combinations of their component statements Divides if there exists an integerso that Greatest Common DivisorAn integeris the gcd ofand written if and only if 12Key QuestionUsed when working backwards Usually involking a definitionCertificate of CorrectnessA theorem which you have already proved and which relates to the problem in generalData which relates to this specific problemcommonly referred as the certificateExistential QuantifierThere is there are there exists for some exists at least oneUniversal QuantifierFor each for every for any for allUniverse of DiscorseThe seet from which the object is taken It is the domain of the objectCoprimeTwo intege
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