Midterm + Solution of Winter 2010 there wasn't any solutions for the first question , but there is for the rest of the midterm

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Management Sciences
MSCI 432
Binyamin Mantin

Name __________________________________ Student ID ___________________ THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO MSCI 432.001/633 Production and Service Operations Management (Winter 2010) Midterm Examination February 11, 2009 Instructor: Benny Mantin This exam has 10 pages. Please make sure that you have all the pages. Answers to all questions must be written in the space provided next to the question. Where necessary, you must show your work. In other words, it should be clear how you arrived at your answer. If you write the correct answer but it is not clear how you arrived at this answer, you will get no credit. The points per question, shown below, do not necessarily reflect the relative amounts of time that it will take to answer each question. Materials allowed: Calculator. Candidates found committing any dishonest practices will be immediately dismissed from the examination, and subject to such discipline as the Faculty or the University may impose. Examples of dishonest practices include (but are not limited to): making use of books and other media except those authorized by the examiners speaking or communicating with other candidates purposely displaying notes or memoranda to other candidates. For Instructor Use: Question No. Marks 1. /8 2. /6 3. /6 4. /5 Total /25 1 Name __________________________________ Student ID ___________________ [Processes] Problem 1 (8 points) Suppose you and your roommate are preparing to start a cookie shop in your apartment. Your shop will provide fresh cookies to students. The production process is as follows: (only the 4 main resources mentioned: You, your roommate, the oven, and the food processor) Process # Process description Processing Resources Notes time Required 1 Mix all the ingredients 8 min You, food you can process in a food processor processor up to 2 dozens each time 2 Spoon out the cookie 3 min your roommate you can only dough onto a tray process 1 dozen each time 3 Baking the cookies 10 min oven you can bake only 1 dozen each time 4 Take the tray of 0 min NA cookies out of the oven 5 Cool cookies 5 min NA 6 Take the cookies off 0 min NA the tray 7 Pack them into a box 3 min your roommate and accept payment Each cookie tray can hold 1 dozen cookies. You have only 1 oven and 1 food processor. 1. Assume that in process #1 you work on one dozen at a time. a. What is the flow time of the process? [1 point] b. What is the capacity rate of the process? [1 point] (measure in dozen/hr) 2Name __________________________________ Student ID ___________________ c. Draw the Gantt chart showing the first two dozen for the main four resources. [1 point] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 You Yourroomate oven Food processor d. How many orders can you fill in one night, assuming that you are open for 4 hours? It is important to realize that you DONT start working on the first dozen before you open the shop. [1 point] a. Sum of the flow time for an order size of 1 dozen cookies is 29 minutes b. Summary of capacity rates for each resource (oven is process bottleneck) Resources Capacity Rates (assuming order size = 1 dozen) You 7.5 dozen / hour (=60/8) Roommate 10 dozen / hour (=60/6) Oven 6.6 dozen / hour (=60/10) Food Processor 7.5 dozen / hour (=60
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