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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

PACS 320Final Exam Study Sheet PART IShorter Answers Answer four of seven questionsEx explain why the Boston Ten Coalition can be seen as a good example of missional theology in actionEx Prove or disprove this Christian peacemaking can make effective use of the love of enemy as a middle axiom1 Missional theology Mission of God 1 From the very beginning of creation God has a plan a vision a mission 2 Latinmissio dei Mission of God Gods mission 3 Missional theology o The church is where it begins the missionaries are identified the missionaries areo A massive reordering of that idea o Start with the premise that God is the first missionaryHe is the one who created all missionaries created all things If this is true churches cant be so presumptions to say they are sending the missionaries because God is the first missionary and the church is not a sending body of missionaries the church is sent John 2021the same way that God sent Jesus is the same way that Jesus sends us 2 Corinthians 51521 o The church exists because of Gods mission not vice versaWhats the point of Christian peacemaking theno The mission of God is to send Christians into the world as people embodying His mission His Gospel He is the first peacemaker and we are sent to bring His peace to the worldCreate and recreate cultures of peace Gods missionvision has to do with creating and recreating these cultures of peace in the world in spite of all our sin QuotesMissional theologyWe dont have to manufacture the work of God in ourselves or in the world God is doing the heavy lifting This means we can quit trying to drum up a breeze by generating a lot of frenetic church activity and instead hoist our sails to catch the breeze thats already blowingReggie McNeal Understanding and responding to Gods passionbecoming partners in Gods passionrequires profound relinquishment and profound activism We need to give up the effort to transform the world and join our God who is already at work transforming the world Mary Schertz God will surely not be embarrassed if you do not blow your trumpet God has trumpets tooChristoph Blumhardt Mission is not primarily an activity of the church but an attribute of God God is a missionary GodDavid Bosch It is not the church that has a mission of salvation to fulfill in the world it is the mission of the Son and the Spirit through God that includes the churchJurgen Moltmann So a working definition of missional church is a community of Gods people that defines itself and organizes its life around its real purpose of being an agent of Gods mission to the world In other words the churchs true and authentic organizing principle is mission When the church is in mission it is the true church The church itself is not only a product of that mission but is obligated and destined to extend it by whatever means possible Alan Hirsch The logic of the church like that of the beloved community moves always and everywhere beyond itself toward the peaceable reign of God on earth For this reason we should also note that the Christian church has no monopoly on affirmations of the human that movements agencies and persons outside the church often understand and appreciate affirmations of human dignity with greater attention to the detail and scope of their application in the world Who could doubt for example that Amnesty International operates with greater attention to human suffering than the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention which regards its mission as the saving of lost souls from eternal damnation Charles Marsh Understanding and responding to Gods passion requires profound relinquishment and profound activism and join God whose already transforming the worldMary Shirts Mission is not primarily an activity of the church mission is an attribute of GodDavid Bosh We dont have to manufacture the work of God or in the world God is doing the heavy lifting We dont have to think up the activity we need to just hoist up our sails and let Gods work blow us along2 Middle Axiom o A good agreement not a bad compromise o An assumption or an assertion that is shared by several parties Axioman assertion an actionThink of the tune as an assertion an axiomChristians Muslims and parliamentarians o They can all sing the song or give there assertions without having the other person being wrong Cases regarding Middle Axiom Middle Axioms Question How do we speak convincing with others who dont share our assumptionsbeliefs Test case 1 Maria believes that water is a chemical compound consisting of hydrogen and oxygen atoms Clyde believes that water is a gift from God Both Maria and Clyde can agree that its important to conserve water Test case 2 Maria is a Christian pacifist Clyde is a staff person in the Department of National Defence Both Maria and Clyde can agree that building up inclusive democratic institutions contributes to longterm security in places like Afghanistan General goal To come to a good agreement not a bad compromise Specific goal for Christian peacemakers To gain both the ability to hold others ie nonChristians accountable to their own moral principles and values and the readiness to be held accountable by others ie nonChristians to our Christian moral principles and valuesWhats the common assumption between these two people Theres some kind of good agreement possible here At the end of the day how can Christian peacemaking have relationships with people of very different traditions What are some assertions or axioms that Christians can share with people from other traditions which can hold other people accountable to their own position
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