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Brian Orend

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 ARISTOTLE o Hierarchal thinker o Friendship  Utility, Pleasure, “True” o Character path development  Birth, DL1, DL2 o Ingredients of a true friend: equality, mutual pleasure, lots shared time, affection & empathy, respect, trust, hoesty loyalty, shared values + outlook on life, helping each other towards Eudaimonia o Decent laws  peaceful, prosporous, civic trust o Decent community  freedom o Decent parents  needed or else your developmental path gets screwed up o Has no hesitation about making character judgements  Character is more virtue than vice (evil, immoral)  Stable indication of behaviour  shows who we really are  the kind of person we are  Good character = virtuous character o Ultra-ambitious o Believed in objective standards of morality  ethical rules that can be true independent from our feelings o Nicomachean Ethics  defines the virtue ethical approach to the moral life o Standard of Right Action  Not based on results or some definite rule  Its “right” because they would be done by someone of true virtue  person is moral exemplar  someone who sets a fine example + role model for us  this wholly virtuous person is what we want to aim for even if we fall short of it o Pursue Eudaimonia  Our fullest development/ultimate goal in life  must support each other to achieve this  Happiness  being virtuous doesn’t guarantee us a happy life e.g. family member dies o We’re all trying to find our natural purpose to make us happy  natu
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