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PHIL 220
Mathieu Doucet

Phil 220 Jan Narveson: "Is World Poverty a Moral Problem for the Wealthy?" • Narveson has a libertarian view. • “People have a right not to be attacked but they have no right against me to be aided and hence I do not act unjustly”. • Benefits to people should not be distributed according to their virtue. • Tomkin’s term, desert, is the claim that world’s poor do not deserve to be poor. • Wealth is created by human effort, not by gods, not by “nature” ad certainly not by ideology. It is created by individual efforts in the sense that each person decides what is good for him/ her and decides accordingly. Broome: “The ethics of Climate change” • When interests conflict, “should questions are always ethical”. • Examples of thing we do that harm others but we do not do it intentionally: o Driving a car, using electric power, buying products whose manufacture consumes energy. • If you do harm, you should do something to compensate that harm. • Climate change is not just a matter of weighing benefits against costs. o For instance, suppose you calculate that the benefit to you and your friends partying until dawn exceeds the harm done to your neighbor by keeping her awake all night. This does not mean that you should party all night. o An industrial project that brings benefits in the near future emits greenhouse gas at present and will harm people. Suppose the benefits exceed the costs but this does not mean that one should go ahead and make the project. Those who benefit from it should not impose its costs on others who do not. • There is a strong reaction from the economists provoked by Stern’s work because of two reasons: o Economic conclusions should not be based on ethical premises. o The review favors stro
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