Lecture Notes - Hypnosis If you fell asleep during the hypnosis lecture, then lucky you! because I stayed awake and took comprehensive notes!

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16 Oct 2011

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Hypnosis guiding relaxation, systematic
Franz Anton Mesmer
First developed hypnosis
Had to notion to attract someone else’s mind to his
Referred to it as animal magnetism
In Europe, called mesmerism (named after him)
He would relax the person, take control of their attention
Intentional contract to surrender your attention
Hypnosis a temporary state of heightened suggestibility, usually accompanied by a trance-like
Posthypnotic suggestion a direction given by the hypnotists to the subject while hypnotized
that suggest s/he perform a certain behaviour once s/he has returned to normal consciousness
and a cue is give.
Highly hypnotizable move through the stages faster.
Age regression spoke German but understood English.
Not hypnotizable participant blocks out the idea of hypnosis
Posthypnotic amnesia suggestion to the subject that s/he will not remember the event during
hypnosis afterward until a specific cue is give. Done when people try to quit smoking.
Sigmund Freud
Used hypnosis with his “hysterical” patients early on in the development of psychoanalysis
Tool to get his patient relaxed and to get underneath to the subconscious
Introduced the concept of the subconscious.
Came to mistrust it and stop using it.
Discovered that people make stuff up under hypnosis. Patients may have believed it was true
but it’s useless to analysis. Push people more and more to explain something, they feel
pressured and begin lying.
Understanding Hypnosis
The Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale
Book that you read to the subject. Puts them under. Series of steps that you try out with the
patient to see how hypnotizable they are
20% = highly hypnotizable
Hypnosis is an ability make it less passive.
Hypnotic induction going through a series of steps. Focusing on a subject
Hypnosis does not provide a “special” way into memory. Looks like it is because some new
information is revealed. Usually the last thing done with them. Questions asked differently.
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