PSYCH339 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Criterion Validity, Job Performance

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10 Aug 2016
Three constructs that capture job performance
Counterproductive work behaviours
Work citizenship behaviour
GMA, conscientiousness, integrity = all predictors of job performance
Inter-correlation of predictors (GMA, conscientiousness, integrity) should be small
because you don’t want them to be redundant with each other
When given a case like this, look for:
How correlated it is with job performance (criterion validity)
How correlated with it with each other
B = weights
Predicted performance = b (GMA) + b (conscientiousness) + b (integrity)
Regression tells us how much to weigh each predictor
So if you run regression, it could tell you that GMA = 2, conscientiousness = 1
and integrity = 0.5
GMA x weight Consci x
Integrity x
A 10 x 2 10 x 1 10 x 0.5 35
B 20 x 2 20 x 1 20 x 0.5 70
R = more than one predictor and it’s a stronger than each predictor by itself because
Shrinkage  if we apply these weights (from above) to other predictors validity will
R (from cross validation) =< R (derivation  original sample)
Which causes decrease in validity called shrinkage
This happens because weights are too specified
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