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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Key Terminology August-27-12 8:54 AM Two Questions: 1. What is meant by leisure, recreation, and play? 2. Why study leisure and recreation? Leisure Definitions are a matter of perspective -different ways to define as different definitions for different needs) Definitions for particular purposes Leisure as: time, activity, and state of mind Leisure Defined as Time Time beyond that needed for the necessities of living (i.e., work) -time left over from work How much leisure time do people have? Discretionary or free time Leisure versus Free Time Not synonymous terms Most free time is not leisure -sleep, clean, cook, homework Leisure is a small island in free time -time remains an important element of leisure but does not, in itself, define it Leisure as a State of Mind Leisure defined by the attitude or state of mind of the actor, not the activity Leisure can occur any time or any place Activity is unrelated to the experience Leisure as Activity Voluntarily selected pursuits Problems occur when activities take on different meanings -people view the same activities as a different task depending on the individual Leisure is not just about activity, but also the meaning of the experience Complexity of Defining Leisure Not an easy or clear-cut task : Ex- Miniature Golf Defining leisure is more complex than many think Scenarios What are the common elements? -free choice, escape from everyday reality. All had been chosen with some satisfaction anticipated and none had to be done Common elements in scenarios is that each has been chosen with some Central Determinants Intrinsic motivation When an activity is 'desired for its own sake'. Perceived freedom -perceive you are free to choose whether to continue or discontinue without repercussions Intrinsic Motivation Occurs when an activity is desired for its own sake Compared to extrinsic motivation -things you do because you have too (studying) Mixed motivation is the rule -very little we do in this world we do for pure intrinsic motivation Perceived Freedom Initiation of behavior is attributed to self Sense of freedom autonomy Pulling it all Together Central determinants of a leisure experience are helpful: Intrinsic motivation and perceived Freedom Helps to distinguish leisure from other terms such as play and recreation Play (Chapter 2, REC 200) Just for kids? -no everybody plays Eight characteristics are commonly associated with play 1. Intrinsic motivation 2. Perceived freedom 3. Suspension of a reality (get away) 4. Positive affect (feelings, enjoyment) 5. Process over product (the goal is the process itself) 6. Play is active in exploration, experimentation, make believe, physical 7. Bound by rules that are self-imposed, regulated, & changed according to the players 8. Internal locust of control Benefits of childrens play -developing problem solving skills, social relations, cognitive ability Recreation An activity that is engaged in during ones free time, is pleasurable, and which has sociallyredeeming qualities (Edginton et al, 2006, p. 56) Specific, wholesome, and voluntary activities (Caldwell & Baldwin, 2004) Intended for the good of people and is organized and supported to produce such results Main Purposes of Recreation Assist with individual and community development Improve quality of life Enhance social functioning Improve physical and mental health Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport Recreation is vital to the health and well-being of individuals, and strengthens communities be encouraging volunteer involvement and providing constructive activities for youth. The $4 billion that Ontarians spend annually on recreation, sport and fitness has a powerful impact on job creation and the economy. Conclusions on Terminology Leisure, recreation, and play are
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