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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

QUIZ 4 SAMPLE QUESTIONS Winter 2009 1. Firms in the travel services industry tend to employ many more employees than firms in other tourism services.F 2. Employees in the travel services industry are more likely to be female than male.T 3. According to your text, overtime the distinctions between tour operators and tour wholesalers have become blurred. T 4. In the world of tourism, CTC may mean either the Canadian Tourism Commission or Certified Travel Counsellor.F 5. Incentive travel refers to promotional programs to encourage travel agents to sell more tickets.F 6. A plurality of travel agency sales occurs during the summer.T 7. Chambers of Commerce are municipal government agencies that are often (but not always) responsible for tourism marketing.F 8. Tour operator sales for domestic tours and for international tours are approximately equal.F 9. Hotels are increasingly adding surcharges to room bills for things like shuttle services, use of a pool, and automatic gratuities for housekeeping.T 10. A challenge – and opportunity – for the cruise industry is the fact that a great majority of the population has never been on a cruise.T 11. Visitor and convention bureaux typically charge membership fees.T 12. Despite their name, visitor and convention bureaux do not perform the actual set-up of a convention.T 13. The lack of freedom of movement and the lack of relaxed schedules are disadvantages of packaged tours.T 14. Thomas Cook began to offer tours because: a. he took a group of the members of his church on a trip, arranging transportation, lunch, and entertainment as part of the package and discovered he could make a profit doing so b. he was dissatisfied with the quality of tours offered by other tour operators c. he had a love of travel and wanted to share it with others d. before he offered his tours, organized tours were available only to wealthy students in universities 15. A consortium, in the context of travel agencies, is: a. an advocacy group that promotes interests of travel agencies to government b. another name for a franchise agency c. a co-operative of independent agencies that provides support for advertising, purchasing power, and a brand name d. a combined tour operator and travel agency that provides full services, including reservations and trip counselling 16. The evolving role of Canada Customs and Immigration was identified as an issue by your text because: a. border-crossing controls are too lax b. border-crossing controls are becoming tighter c. the cost of developing customs inspection stations at border-crossings is becoming very high d.
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