Sample Quiz 4 The best way to review for the quiz is by doing the sample quiz, the real quiz is much longer than this These are my solutions, they might not all be correct, use under your own risk

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

QUIZ 4Sample Questions TrueFalse1The twin engines of the travel services industry are travel agencies and tour operators or wholesalers T2A challenge and an opportunity for the cruise industry is that a great majority of the population has never been on a cruise T3Travel agencies often charge service fees to their clients because of the loss of commissions paid by airlines T4Incentive travel refers to bonuses paid to travel agents when they sell more tickets than their monthly target F5Chambers of Commerce are municipal government agencies that often do tourism marketing F6Hotels increasingly are adding surcharges to room bills for things like shuttle services use of a pool and automatic gratuities for housekeeping T7According to your text the average North American lunch hour really is about 60 minutes F8Despite their name visitor and convention bureaux do NOT perform the actual setup of a convention T9A couple of disadvantage of packaged tours are the lack of freedom of movement and the lack of flexibleschedules are disadvantages of packaged tours T10In Canada tour operators and travel agencies are different types of businesses T11Like other export industries tourism services sold to international visitors are exempt from the GST F12One way Business Improvement Associations may assist with the development of tourism in a city is by organizing festivals T13Most wholesale travel trade consists of selling package toursFMultiple Choice14Thomas Cook began to offer tours because
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