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STAT 331
Kun Liang

Some Additional Linear Regression Review Questions1 A newsletter titled Liquid Assets used multiple regression to predict the selling price of red wine made from the region of Bordeaux France Parameter estimates from the three linear models that were considered are summarized in the table below with standard errors of the estimates in parentheses All models were fitted with an intercept term although the intercept estimates are not included below Data were collected on n27 vintages years from 19521980 Regression of Price of Red Bordeaux Wine se Explanatory Variables Model 1 Model 2 Model 3 0354 0137 0238 00717 0240 00747 Vintage Yearx1616 0952 608 116 Growing Season Temp Cx 200386 00081 00380 00095AugSept Rainx30001173 000482 00115 000505xOctMarch Rain400765 0565 Sept Temperaturex52212 828 828RResidual Standard Error 575 287 293a Write down the linear model described by Model 2 Be sure to state all model assumptionsbStarting with the full model Model 3 which variate would be eliminated first when building a model using the backward elimination procedure Show how you arrived at your answer you do not need to calculate pvalues cCalculate Mallows C for Model 1 Based on this statistic alone comment on the fit of Model 1 pcompared to the full model Model 3d For Model 2 interpret the following values in the context of the study i 1 2iii ReExplain what the standard error of the parameter estimate serepresents 11 f Calculate a 95 confidence interval for the Growing Season Temperature parameter for model 2 Be sure to interpret this interval in the context of the studyg Consider the full model Model 3 Perform a hypothesis test to determine whether September temperature has an effect on wine price after accounting for the effects of vintage growing season temp and OctMarch and AugSept rain As with all hypothesis tests be sure to include the null hypothesis degrees of freedom value of test statistic pvalue and conclusion in the context of the study 1
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