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Interest in Arch explain local mysteries memory vsPrehistory Find origins of the quality that makes civilization The search antiquarianarcheological interest in pretty things exotic goods elites Mesopotamiatemples social hierarchyEridu first civilization temples linked w irrigationpowerAfrica controlling tradeelite BUT great Zimbabwe palace huge stone walls NOT linked with civilizationracist Civilized contrasted with indigenous barbaric vs advanced Victorian Unilinear evolutionshows less to more European vs savagery and civilization or our textbook the end is EuropeanUnesco Of outstanding universal significancemost sites in Europe Preference over certain states Calls Pre Columbian America political and social ideal Zimb Germ Exp Karl Mauch replica of Queen Shebas palace in Jerusalem built by Phoenicians Rhodes agree natives barbaric take Africa Richard N Hall ruined site in search of white builders 1905David Randall its African Later found linked to Shona speaking ppl RACIST could not have been built by nativesppl funding archeology has power govt private corps Collapse of states wars revolutions environment BUT what collapses is political power NOT culture ex Mayans still here 1965 PM SRhodesia faked history for tour books in Great Zimbabwe After colonialist rule renamed Zimbabwe soapstone birds on money flag heritage site important to rebuilding nation Statesrely on social hierarchy individual specialization use up resources leave materials target for invasion like bubbles adaptive united by ideology still relevant w tourismSAmericaColonialism Bias precolonialelite bias image records murals Post occupation Eurocentric bias written by Spanish Now Indigineous struggle to reclaim law education religion lost National Palace used material from Aztec building Monte Albanreuse of heritage site by Zapotecs after Mixtecs Teotihuacan an influence for Aztec building Incas were militaristicempire building Cuzcocapital soon the center of Spanish colony Pizarro given license to conquer Incas 1528 Help from locals who questioned
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