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ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

Anthropology is the holistic and comparative study of humans through time and space past and presentAssumption that your civilization and way of life is the correct way and every other way is falseCome to the realization that the world is diverseCultural Anthropology today offers a vital counterpoint to the underlying assumptions of the dominant world order by documenting continuing human diversity and cultural creativity in the face of changeChallenging commonsense notions about our present situation and future possibilities by documenting cultural alternativesCulture is NOT biology Culture is made possible by biology but differs in that its learned Its not passed on by genes Culture is also taughtOverwhelming part of human legacy is cultureCulture is a concept Its not a thing There is no one definition of cultureConcept summarizes a collection of different traits Its a way of bringing our attention of different patterns Culture is not a thingCultureCodere to cultivate Early definition That complex whole which includes knowledge belief art morals law custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of societyCulture is shared socially learned knowledge and patterns of behaviorCulture is shared social patterns reveal social conformityThe range of individual variationCulture exists within social environments Culture refers to the social aspectCulture is socially learned What is the basis of social conformityEnculturation the process of internal learning that you dont even have to think about what youre doing most of it learned in childhoodLevels of learning social vs individual ex Gender rolesKnowledge culture reflects our ability to create communicate store and pass on knowledge this ability is biologicala capacity of our brainsbut the actual construction of knowledge is culturalthe basic element of knowledge is symbol symbolsomething that represents anotherPatterns of behavior Culture informs commonsense norms standards of behavior values moral orientations that sanction standards of behaviorCulture is Patterned and Innovative Culture is implied in our actionsCulture is implied in our reasoningYet culture is continually reinvented as it is performed because it is based upon humancreated symbolic knowledgeEncountering cultureThe 5 ismsParochialismRacismusing biology to appeal to differencesEthnocentrismidea that youre comfortable with your own place and that your place is superiorRomanticism reversing ethnocentrismCultural relativisma technique and toolREMEMBER The Culture Concept is an Intellectual Tool hat Helps Us Map Out Human Behaviour and Experience in a Variety of Useful Ways The concept gets used in a variety of waysThe Culture scale Micro Local regional global Group culture local culture regional culture global cultureThe Cultural Orange As a concept we can divide up culture to think about different aspects of human experience across cultural scalesFor instance Domains technology social organization religion Processes socialization exchange Relations between cultural systems articulation acculturationCulture is essential for human life It provides each generation with the skills needed to adapt and survive It provides individuals with norms values and expectations that make it possible to form social groups It provides symbols ways of reasoning and worldviews that allow people to communicate and make sense of their realityAnthropology is an endeavor that involves the study of human biological evolution the study of cultures in the past the study of language and the study of culture in the present and recent pastBiological Anthropology the study of the biological evolution of humans and related primatesPaleoanthropology the deep past of humankind study of human and humanoid fossils and remainsPrimatology evolution adaptation and social characteristics of apes and monkeysHuman biology studies of human biological variationsForensic anthropology scientific study of human remains
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