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ASTU 100 Quiz: ASTU HOMEWORK – FEB 7Premium

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Arts Studies
Course Code
ASTU 100
Carmen Faye Mathes
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his work draws on his experience at sea as a common sailor, exploration of literature
and philosophy and engagement in the contradictions of American society in a period of
rapid change
vocabulary = rich and original
imagery = mystical or ironic
allusion = extends to Scripture, myth, philosophy, literature and the visual arts
o Melville finished his latest manuscript and brought it from Pittsfield to New York
where he was offered only 20 cents on the dollar rather than the usual 50 cents
o He inserted his manuscript into a lengthy satire on the American literary scene
o Refused to let Bently publish Pierre on half profits, without an advance
o When he did publish Pierre it was opened with outrage bc of the hinting of incest
o The Harper distaed theselves ad spread the ruour that he had eoe a
little razy
o wanting to get someone else to write this story (Hawthorne) but ended up
writing it himself in 1853
o after his daughter was bor he tried to pulish The Isle of the Cross ut the
Harpers prevented it from publishing
o started a new career as a writer of magazine short stories
o pulished these stories i Harper’s ad Puta’s
o Harpers wanted him to write a book on tortoise hunting in the Galapagos Islands
but he abandoned the project
o Instead he serialized novels and then Putnam published it as a book
o He was also working on The Confidence-Man a satirical allegory on American
optimism, which he completed that summer
o developed rheumatism and then was stricken with sciatica
o had to put up half the farm for sale in order to rescue him from financial disaster
o toured the Mediterranean
o tried to purhase a house ad sell his old oe ut ould’t
o decided to lecture on topics intended to be popular but were not
o complained that the man that had once called incomparable in dramatic
storytelling was inaudible and stiff
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