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Biology 121221 MidTerm Exam 1 Tuesday 4 Feb 2014STUDY TIPS Exam is 50 minutes longTotal57 marksTo be written during class time No lecture following the examThe exam is closed book7 pages of questionscover page8 pages11 multiplechoice questions7 others short answer data analysisTotal 18 questions 1 on Earth history 17 on PopulationCommunity EcologyRead about fossils and fossilization no need to memorize datesReview logistic and exponential growth and how to interpret changes in the growth curvesKnow markrecapture methodits assumptionsKnow what factors especially disturbance can affect successional sequences and how this might structure communitiesKnow your keystone species interactions especially the sea otter and the role they play in top down control of community structureREAD the paper Alien vs predatorGOOD LUCK1
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