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Civil Engineering
CIVL 215
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Hydraulic and Energy Grade Lines Engineers find it useful to employ the energy grade line EGL and the hydraulic grade lineHGL in working with the pipe systems These imaginary lines help the engineers find the trouble spots in the system usually points of low pressureThe Hydraulic Grade LineHGL in a piping system is formed by the locus of points located a distance p above the center of the pipe or pz above a preselected datumThe Energy Grade Line22EGL is formed by the locus of points a distance V2g above the HGL or the distance V2gpz above the datum The following hints are useful for drawing HGL and EGL1 As the velocity goes to zero the HGL and the EGL approach each other Thus in a reservoirthey are identical and lie on the surface2 The EGL and HGL slope downward in the direction of
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