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Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114
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EOSC 114 MIDTERM 1 Last Name First Name 2010 FallTerm 1 Student Number Instructions Closed book No calculator Indicate all your answers on the Scantron sheet Only the Scantron sheet will be marked but turn in both the Scantron answer sheet and this question packet Put your name and student number on both the Scantron sheet and the question packet There is only one best answer to each question Dont leave any questions unanswered if you dont know the answer then guess Good luckThis is Test Form A Please indicate A in the Test Form column on your Scantron sheet1 If you have data from one earthquake recording station you can determine A when the next earthquake will occur B the distance from the station to the epicenter C two places where the earthquake might have occurred D if a tsunami was triggered E the latitude and longitude of the epicenter 2 About how much more ENERGY does a magnitude 7 earthquake release than a magnitude 5 earthquake A 10 times B 100 times C 1000 timesD10000 times E 100000 times 3 The following locations are equidistant from the epicenter of a 61 magnitude earthquake Where will the shaking be felt most strongly A In a 25 storey concrete building built on alluvial sediments B In a brick house built on granite bedrock C In a 3 storey concrete building built on alluvial sediments D In a wooden cabin built on alluvial sediments E In a steel shack built on granite bedrock 4 Which indicator is the most reliable for earthquake prediction A Animal behaviour B Deformation at the surface C Seismic gaps compared to past records D Measurements of seasonal rainfall E Occurrence and strength of earthquake foreshocks 5 Which statement is FALSE A Earthquakes can trigger tsunami due to ground rupture on the ocean floor B Earthquakes can cause buildings to fall over intact due to liquefaction C Earthquakes can trigger dangerous landslides D Earthquakes
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