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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 118
David Turner

Quiz4ReviewCOLLAPSEHi allGreat work on Quiz 4the average was 1620 Below is a selection of commonly misanswered questions on the quiz that warrant further discussion andor clarification We hope this helps you with your comprehension of the course material and for studying towards our upcoming final exam more details to be posted soon Also dont forget that well only be using the top 3 of 4 quiz marks in the calculation of your final grade for the course Dave Jan DanaMartyn Here they are by category Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Q What are two of the largest obstacles towards minimizing environmental damage and health effects of artisanal and smallscale mining around the worldA Lack of education prevents miners to see the consequences and danger of mining and processing eg use of mercury whereas lack of money prevents them from being able to invest in less damaging miningprocessing methods and to reclaim the land Q What was one of the motivating factors that made people interested in the concept of fair trade gemstones and precious metalsA Publicizing the Kimberley Process and conflict gemstones
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