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Chapter 10 Independent QuestionsI Theories of Social and Personality DevelopmentA Psychoanalytical Perspectivesoptional reading not on the final examB SocialCognitive Perspectives1According to Piaget conservation is acquired in part because children overcome centration the tendency to focus on only one single and usually external thing at a time Socialcognitive theorists see a parallel between childrens understanding of conservation and their understanding of what is important in a good friend aSummarize how 67 yearolds describe others such as their friends Note that the quote in your textbook made by a 7 year old exemplifies how 67 year olds describe othersIf you ask a 6 or 7 year old to describe others he will focus almost exclusively on external featureswhat the person looks like where he lives what he does This description by a 7 year old boy taken from a classic study of socialcognitive development is typical he is very tall He has dark brown hair he goes to our school I dont think he has any brothers or sisters He is in our class Today he has a dark orange sweater and gray trousers and brown shoesbAround 78 years of age a dramatic shift occurs in childrens descriptors of others Describe this shift Note that the quote in your textbook made by a 10 year old exemplifies how descriptions of others change AFTER the dramatic shift occursThe child begins to focus more on the inner traits or qualities of another person and to assume that those traits will be visible in many situations Children this age still describe others physical features but their descriptions are now used as examples of more general points about internal qualities you can see the change when you compare the 7 year olds description given above with this description by a child nearly 10 years old He smells very much and is very nasty He has no sense of humor and is very dull He is always fighting and he is cruel He does silly things and is very stupid He has brown hair and cruel eyes He is sulky and 11 years old and has lots of sisters I think he is the most horrible boy in the class He has a croaky voice and always chews his pencil and picks his teeth and I think he is disgustingcResearch finds that behavioural comparisons peak at 8 years of age psychological comparisons increase throughout middle childhood What does this meanDescriptions of others change from externals to internals Behavioural comparison is any description that involved comparing a childs behaviours or physical features with those of another child or with a norm Psychological construct is any statement that involved some internal personality trait You can see that behavioural comparisons peaked at around age 8 but psychological constructs increased steadily throughout middle childhoodII Dimensions of Moral Developmentoptional reading not on the final examIII Social RelationshipsA Family Relationships
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