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FOREST100Midterm Prep Weeks 27Week 21 About how much of the earths surface is covered by forest 38 billion ha13 of worlds land area which is not covered with ice2 What do we mean we refer to the natural climax vegetation The vegetation which establishes itself on a given site for given climatic conditions3 About how much of the worlds forests are in BC 17 of the worlds forest land4 Are more of the worlds forests in the temperate or tropical region Tropical Temperate forests account for 44 of the worlds forest area and tropical and subtropical forests 565 Where are the tropics Surrounding the equator6 What is a tree A perennial woody plant characterized by one main stem or trunk bearing a more or less distinct and elevated crown of branches Trees are generally larger than shrubs six metres7 What are the two main groups of trees To which group does Douglas fir belong 1 AngiospermsEnclosed seeds flowering plants2 GymnospermsNaked seed plants or cone bearers conifersDouglas FirGymnosperm8 What is a perennial plant A plant that lives 2 years9 What is an evergreen tree Give an example A tree that has leaves in all seasons eg Hemlock10 What is a forest A forest is a vegetative community dominated by trees and other woody perennials11 What does it mean to be sustainable Renewing resources at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which they are consumed considering future generations12 Approximately how much of the worlds forests are plantations Plantationsboth temperate and tropicalcomprise 5 percent of all forests13 In what country are the worlds largest plantation programs Southern China consists of both indigenous and exotic species including pines and eucalypts14 Are forest floor decomposition rates fast or slow in the boreal Why Because they have long severe winters and short cool summers with only 50100 frostfree days Precipitation is low 400500mm and falls largely as snow available soil moisture is high though Breakdown of organic matter and nutrient release is slow and the forest floor is
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